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Hurst Lodge/Hall use — Rules and Regulations

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Hereinafter: Renter is referred to as Lessee. Hurst Lodge 1387 is referred to as the Lessor.

As of May 5, 1994, Hurst Lodge is a tobacco/smoke/alcohol free establishment. Violation may result in forfeiture of all or part of your security deposit.

Kitchen size: 12’x 39′
Hall size: Large room is 55’x58′
Occupancy: Maximum capacity is 207 persons
Seating: There are 8 ( 8 ft.) tables and 150 chairs.

     The Lessee is responsible to see that all the conditions of the contract and the rules and regulations are met.
The Lessee must have liability insurance in the amount of $500,000. Proof of insurance must be given to the Hall manager 7 days before said event. 

     Only designated rooms stated in your contract agreement may be used. If this is abused, the deposit will be forfeited. Any furniture moved or anything removed from the bulletin board or walls must be replaced as it was prior to the rental. This also applies to the coat racks.

     Limited use of the kitchen means the lessee is required to provide all of his or her own plates, cups and trash bags (consumables). The trash containers are located in front of the building to the right. The cleaning equipment may be used.
     The storage room is not to be used for anything other than storage unless prior arrangements have been made with the hall manager.
     Please supervise and make sure all chairs are pushed in on tables. Sweep kitchen floor with the dust mop, be careful not to push the dust mop through wet surfaces because it will leave a mess and you will be charged. Damp mop where necessary, wipe counters, stoves, sinks, refrigerator, if used. All tables should be wipeddoww before they are put away.
     Remove all trash from premises to the dumpster in front of the building. Flush toilets and turn out all the lights

     Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a loss of all or part of your security deposit.

Any questions or concerns please contact Corbin Douthitt @ 817-228-8982